Disposable Contact Lenses

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We offer a free contact lens trial and assessment. Most people can wear contact lenses, no matter how young or old. But to see if lenses are right for you we offer a free trial and assessment.

An up to date sight test will be needed to have a contact lens trial. If you have not had a sight test in the last two years you will need to have one.
Benefits of contact lenses:

Contact lense
  • Freedom from glasses
  • All round clear vision
  • Ideal for sports or going out socially

Soft monthly disposable lenses start from £7.99 per month.

They are ideal for every day wear. They are changed every month which maintains clean and comfortable contact lenses. They can be taken out at night and cleaned ready for use the next day.

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Newer silicone-based lenses now offer more comfort and longer wearing times than conventional lenses, with prices from £10 per month.

Daily Disposable Lenses


Daily disposable lenses start from £19.99 for 30 pairs. Ideal for occasional wear for sports or socially, they are also great for everyday wear as no lens cleaning is needed. You use a fresh new lens every day.

Continuous Wear Lenses

Continuous wear lenses are made from a material based on silicone which delivers up to five times more oxygen to the eyes than conventional soft lenses. This means they can be worn up to 30 days continuously without being removed.

Contact Lenses Aftercare

All contact lenses paid for monthly include our aftercare package. This offers unlimited contact lens appointments and discounts on any glasses bought. Please ask to see our full contact lens price list and information about aftercare service.

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